ER MEME: (season finales 2/5)

season 12 : 21 Guns

Clark & Lana or Clark & Lois
asked by storyinmyeyes

Clark Kent or Oliver Queen
asked by anon

Rizzoli or Isles
asked by ozmapolitan

David Boreanaz or Julian McMahon
asked by anon

Jefferson + his gun (1x07)

Lana Lang or Lois Lane
asked by anon

leave 2 celebrities/characters/ships/tv shows in my ask and i’ll make a gifset of what i prefer

make me choose between two things
shanewestfan asked shane west or lyndsy fonseca

Sherlock AU: After Mary first met John, a man called Sebastian Moran made an arrangement with her. However with the return of a certain deceased detective, Mary changes the rules.