30 Days of The OC: Day 30 - Favorite season.

Season 1

30 Days of The OC: Day 29 - Favorite Sandy/Seth scene.

Sandy: I love you, kid.
Seth: I can’t say I love you to another man, but I have much affection for you as well.

30 Days of The OC: Day 28 - Favorite Julie Cooper scene.

Julie: Listen up, Tommy Lee. You’re just the latest in a series of experiments my daughter likes to make when acting out. So enjoy it. Because right here, right now is as good as it gets for you. Soon Marissa’s gonna wake up and realize she is so much better than you and your life.
Volchok: You think she’s gonna come running back to you.
Julie: Marissa knows that I will be there for her whenever she decides to come home because I am her family. Not some punk with a smirk, three brain cells, and a good coke connection. You tell her that.

30 Days of The OC: Day 27 - Favorite Summer/Marissa scene.

"You’re my best friend forever"

30 Days of The OC: Day 26 - Favorite Ryan/Seth scene.

Seth: The doctors say you’re going to be fine. Although you’re going to have to wrap your head around the fact that we’re really brothers now. Or… blood brothers.
Ryan: You donated blood.
Seth: Eh. I had an etra few pints flowing through my veins. It was no big deal.
Ryan: You’re not a big fan of needles.
Seth: Nor of fainting, it turns out. But the bank was a little low and us O Negative guys gotta stick together.
Ryan: Hm. That’s weird because all the sudden I have this strange urge to listen to Death Cab and read comic books.
Seth: For real?
Ryan: No.
Seth: Ah, that’s too bad. Because if we could’ve turned this into a body swap comedy we could’ve squeezed another year or two out of this.
Ryan: So listen, I don’t know if I said this today, but—
Seth: You did. But after all the times you saved me, I was up. So…

30 Days of The OC: Day 25 - Favorite pop culture reference.
Risky Business (2.18 The Risky Business)

Seth: Hello! Pleased to meet you.
Guy: Who the hell are you?
Seth: Well I’m Pivens McGee and I am from the Film Preservation Society. Now what we’re doing is we’re putting on a Tom Cruise retrospective. Now I understand that you’re in possession of the crystal egg from Risky Business. other guy gets up from couch Hi. How are you? Now what we’re doing is we’re collecting, ah, Mr. Cruise’s props from his most memorable films and putting them on display. We’ve got the rum bottle from Cocktail. We’ve got the ceramic mask from Vanilla Sky. We’ve got the little kid with the big head from Jerry McGuire. He’s actually in the car. I don’t know if you’re interested in meeting him.

30 Days of The OC: Day 24 - Favorite romantic gift.
French poems bound from Ryan to Taylor

"I love you and I don’t want to lose you…"

30 Days of The OC: Day 23 - Favorite Chrismukkah episode.
1.13 The Best Chrismukkah Ever

"Allow me to introduce you to a little something that I like to call Chrismukkah. That’s right. It’s the new holiday Ryan, and it’s sweeping the nation."

30 Days of The OC:
Day 22 - Favorite Cohen family moment.
First dinner together.

30 Days of The OC: Day 21 - Favorite Summer/Ryan scene.

Summer: Good. One more thing. Taylor has a super big heart and she’s super forgiving, but there is a French guy circling like a great white shark.
Ryan: Okay, just reminding me of the stakes.
Summer: No. I’m giving you advice because you’re my friend and I really want you to work this out.
Ryan: I’m listening.
Summer: Do not choke!
Ryan: Yeah I wasn’t going to until you did that.
Summer: God you have a wide neck.
Ryan: Yeah, you have pretty small hands. Thanks for the advice.
Summer: No problem.